Hello EMU Professors,


My name is Tyler Capen and I am a Buyer at Ford Motor Company. I am a 2013 graduate of Eastern Michigan University, majored in Supply Chain Management, and a former member of the Menís Swimming and Diving Team. I am currently a member of the Ford Purchasing EMU Recruiting Team.


Ford Motor Company will be attending the September 18th EMU College of Business Career Fair to recruit Supply Chain Management, Materials and Logistics majors for our 2016 Purchasing Summer Internship Program.  Weíve had tremendous success recruiting from our alma mater in the past but Fordís internship program has grown to be as competitive as ever.  This year we want Eastern Michigan Business students to stand out among the other universities Ford recruits from. In order to achieve this, we need your help.


Fordís 2016 Summer Internship Program Requirements:


We want the BEST students in SCM at Eastern Michigan to consider Ford. Please help us identify the top tier SCM students at EMU. We have been working through John Bundridge and the career services departments but have also found it extremely effective to reach out directly to the professors and even more effective, to reach out directly to the students.


1)      We request you to pass along the names, contact info, and resumes of students who fit our requirements for the 2016 Ford Summer Internship Program. We are looking for the highest quality students that EMU has to offer.

2)      The Ford Purchasing EMU recruiting team and myself would like to present a quick 10 minute information session regarding Fordís Summer Internship Program. We hope to speak to 3 classes  during the week of September 14th to generate awareness and give the students a chance to ask any questions before meeting us at the Career Fair.

a.       Over the past 3 years, Dr. Pearcy graciously allowed us into her classroom the week of the career fair and we had tremendous turnout at the career fair.


Please let us know your class schedules for the upcoming fall semester and available times we would be able to come in and present.  


Please let me know if you have any specific questions in regards to the recruiting process, interviews, internships, or anything related to Purchasing or SCM at Ford Motor Company. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


On behalf of the entire Ford Purchasing EMU recruiting team, we look forward to the upcoming recruiting season. Go Eagles!




Tyler Capen

Electrical CBG Purchasing - ECP/EFP/CCH/RCCM

Ford Motor Company

O:+1 313 32 29132

M: 1-313-348-5901