IAEP (Internal Auditing Education Partnership)

The formal name of IIA Student Chapter at EMU is "Student Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors at Eastern Michigan University". As a student organization of Eastern Michigan University, we dedicate to provide undergraduate and graduate students with an educational and social organization for the purposes of promoting Internal Auditing as a career objective. As such, the organization provides educational programs, career developmental opportunities, and information related to Internal Auditing in both an educational and social setting.
Our program has the following purposes:

1. Provide information to students interested in pursuing a career in internal auditing

2. Locate and promote internships and career opportunities for students studying internal auditing.

3. Provide social interaction with professionals in the internal auditing field.

4. Promote internal auditing programs throughout Eastern Michigan University and provide an active student voice for continuous improvement in the internal auditing program.

5. Promote the Eastern Michigan University's Internal Auditing program to organizations outside of Eastern Michigan University.

To finish IAEP program at Eastern Michigan University, students must finish four courses. Three from required courses and one, if permitted, from elective courses. Courses are offered at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Upon completion of the IAEP Program at EMU, students will be recognized by the IIA as well as the EMU program.

Required courses include:

1. ACC 450/550 Professional Internal Auditing

2. ACC 460/560 Fraud Examination

3. ACC 548 Information Systems Audit and Control

Elective courses include:

1. ACC 470/590 Advanced Assurance and Consulting

2. ACC 510 Contemporary Accounting Information Systems

3. ACC 511 Accounting for E-commerce

4. ACC 642 Strategic Cost ManagementIS 637 Information System Audit

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Additional to general IAEP recognization, Eastern Michigan University also offer MBA students who focus on Internal Auditing the MBA degree specialization in Internal Auditing (INAUD).

To learn more about EMU's MBA program specialization in Internal Auditing (INAUD), Click here.